"Over The Rainbow'" 80th Anniversary Tribute

This has been a passion project of mines for years, and I finally had the time to make it happen. The entire shoot was spontaneous. I realized on a Thursday that I had no work coming up. So I contacted Katherine and Melanie and asked if they were available to shoot on Sunday. They both were a major key to making the video. If either one of them weren’t able to do it, the project would have just fallen apart. I grew up watching the Wizard Of Oz with my older sister, and Over the Rainbow has always been par of my childhood. So I wanted to do a tribute to Judy Garland, and the song. Lucky for me, 2019 will mark the 80th anniversary of the actual song. So it’s almost as if everything fell into place. Hope you guys enjoy video.

Performed By: Katherine Shea Powell
Directed & DP By: Hector M. Sanchez Jr.
Produced By: Victoria Velazquez & Brad Bogart
1st AD: Devon McNeal
Gaffer: Kenny Rice
Make Up Artist: Melanie Wilpon